Friday, September 2, 2011

A Maker Wedding

This post is a little late in coming, but this past March I married a wonderful and patient woman, Beth.  For our wedding we wanted to keep costs low and still make it very personalized, so we did all of the planning and made several custom pieces for our special day.  We planned color schemes, table settings, and the hall layout using InkScape - an open source SVG editor, and Beth made beautiful blue and black ribbon table squares for the centerpieces. I designed 3D printed candle holders, and custom ties for my groomsmen presents.

More details and fancy bits after the break.

The candle holders were probably the most complicated.  I wanted something that would glow nicely and display a little image and our names, and would be easy to produce.  I went through a few prototypes and my school generously donated many hours of 3D printing time to make it happen.

I designed the candle holders using Autodesk Inventor, and Inkscape to construct the Orchid drawing that could be embossed on the cylinder.  The material is an ABS thermoplastic, so we used cheap LED tea lights purchased from Amazon.

The candle holders turned out really well.  Many people took them home as souvenirs.

Here is the Inventor Part and the STL File for the candle holder.

For the Groomsmen's gifts I designed a little robot pattern:

And used a service called ArtsCow to get it printed on ties:

Which also turned out very well, and my groomsmen really liked them (they're as nerdy as I am).

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