Sunday, May 23, 2010

Inventor Models

For this semester's Mechatronics course (RBT379) the semester project is to build a self-balancing two-wheeled robot from scratch.  Over the course of the semester we will be designing the frame of the robot, constructing the control schematic, laying out a PCB, and finally programming the micro-controller to self-balance using a PID loop. 

The first part of the semester we're using Autodesk Inventor to design and layout the frame of the robot.  To help with this process I've modeled the major components.  I had a really difficult time finding models of these online, so I'm sharing them with the world:

Standard Servo: Modeled after the Parallax Continuous Rotation Servo
  Inventor Part (*.ipt), Drawing (*.pdf)

Parallax Boe Bot Wheel - Inventor Part (*.ipt), Drawing (*.pdf)

Sharp GP2D12 - Inventor Part (*.ipt), Drawing (*.pdf)

Switched AAx4 Battery Box - Modeled after Jameco PN#216187
Inventor Part (*.ipt), Drawing (*.pdf)

Circuit Board, 80mm x 100mm (Maximum Eagle Free dimension), 4mm holes. 
Inventor Part (*.ipt), Drawing (*.pdf)

SparkFun SEN-09652 Triple Axis Accelerometer Breakout Board
Inventor Part (*.ipt), Drawing (*.pdf)

Most of these I measured by hand, so take the dimensions with a grain of salt, but they should be accurate within a millimeter or so.

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