Tuesday, May 4, 2010

RBT337 Final Project: Connect 4

For their semester project in UAT's Digital Vision and Sensor Processing course, Josh Butler and Mark Stoddard implemented an excellent Connect 4 augmented reality program that warns a user if 3 pieces of the same color are placed in a row by highlighting the warning area in green. If a set of 3 is blocked, it is eliminated as a possible "win."

This first video shows the program in operation, live, raw video in the top left, augmented video in the bottom left, and color filters on the right for red and black pieces.

This second video demonstrates some of the inner workings of the program.

The bottom left pane now shows how the program scans over the all of the possible positions in the live feed, determining if the location contains a red or black piece, or is empty. This information is used to populate an array internally, which is then checked for "3 in a row."

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