Saturday, December 18, 2010

How to achieve ‘biological immortality’ naturally

Learn How to Stop Aging Now!

OK OK OK... So I read the paper, and as expected at the end there was a whole ton of "This is what I think people should do" from the author. but nestled in there was a interesting factor of evolutionary changes at work. While the paper is slightly laughable, nobody can take away the fact that the author bred flies that lived several times longer than average. Below was the only comment of note on the subject, but after a little more research I found this link which gives a far more detailed view of how it all came about.

He began his work on fruit flies by tricking natural selection to produce what eventually became “Methuselah flies,” for which he is well known. The trick? Take the eggs from fruit flies that have maintained enough of their physiological function to reproduce in old age, and repeat.

Selection for late-life reproduction eventually made longer-lived fruit flies. This delayed-reproduction lineage, Rose showed, lives up to five times longer than average.

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