Saturday, December 18, 2010

Alice: A New Approach to Teaching Programming

This article covers a educational videogame (if the game is programming) called "Alice" from carnegie mellon that can teach the introductory concepts behind programming.

I think its very cool that it's available online for free, and whats more I can recommend it to kids and adults alike to help them learn programming! I installed the latest "Alice 3" and while I haven't had much chance to play with it in depth, I can see some kids liking this a lot.

About 10 percent of the nation’s colleges now use Alice, an open-source, graphical software program available free online that allows users to learn the very basics of programming -- concepts like iteration, if statements and methods -- while making 3-D animations. It also has a textbook to accompany it if needed.

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  1. "Scratch" is another good example of an introductory tool for programming