Friday, April 22, 2011

Growing Plants Everywhere - VermiSoks

Okay so I met the guy who came up with this idea, Miguel Jardine, at a TEDx Scottsdale talk last night. It really is an amazingly out there idea with a lot of potential. Pretty much you can have a self-sustained gardening system and you don't even need water. Hm.... no water, we're in a desert with little to no water... I say UAT should look into using this to take over a small part of that empty lot we own to experiment! No breaking ground or construction needed so it doesn't step on anyone's toes. So you should check it out here.

I mean seriously check out some of the pictures from the stuff Miguel grew during the middle of a summer here. The look so yummy and fresh!

Not only that but the system is simple enough where anyone can be taught how to maintain and set up this system. Pretty much what you see in the picture about is a long tube of Earthworms and coconut husks, the base of the VermiSoks system. You then take the waste produced by restaurants or CAFES [I'm looking at you Cuban Pete's] and the biodegradable stuff gets liquefied and feed into these tubes where they feed the Earthworms and then the Earthworms create this super nutrient rich environment for you to grow on. Kind of awesome huh?

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