Monday, November 14, 2011

Design Changes and Milestones

This week, our class is looking at milestones and how the project is coming along. It appears like our project is a bit behind schedule, but it is nothing too bad yet. Hopefully, the design change suggested by David Strait will help to improve our output of LED squares.
The improvements suggested by David offer an improvement for holding together the LEDs in the grid. In the present grid, which simply offers a hole for the LEDs to fit into, the leads are able to rotate, making the design much more of a pain to solder together. His solution is simple, redesign the left row on the soldering guide to offer grooves similar to the bending guide to hold everything down in place. As seen in the photo on the right, our 4x4 grid was cut to a 2x4 grid to help get more people working at the same time. However, the drawings that he offered me for redesign we well laid out and offer up this new idea in return: provide grooves for the LED leads to keep them from rotating around too much, and provide cut holes for open areas so that we can solder the leads together. It was a simple improvement, he  put in a lot of work on this, and the design change is exactly the kind of feedback I want to hear about my designs.

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  1. Did you finish this project? I was hoping to see final schematics for this. I would like to build one.