Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Turkey Day Rest

This last week was a much needed break. I unfortunately couldn't make too much progress, but I did get a better start towards coming up with the PCB that will fit over top of the chipKIT. This needs to provide breakout jumpers for all of the panels. Since this is simply going to be headers and a couple of line drivers, it should be relatively simple. the only problem is that this board is going to cost a lot to make, since it has to at least sit over top of the chipKIT. I am designing the board to utilize more boards for expansion later, cutting down on the cost of redesign and reprinting.

I have also made some progress towards completed software. I have updated it with a new stretch of code, and have it compiled down into functions. Everything has compiled and is currently running on the chipKIT already, providing Serial feedback to ensure it's running properly. This Serial data will be removed soon when updated to a more final design in the next few days.

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